Fiscal Responsibility


  • Respect our citizens – your hard earned dollars fund our City needs
  • Keep taxes low
  • Live within our means


Quality Education begins with working with the School Board to provide


  • Good pay for teachers and support staff
  • Safe, well maintained schools and reliable transportation
  • A Level of Service Policy that reflects the needs of education


Safe Streets and Neighborhoods MUST be a priority


  • Attract and retain the best Public Safety professionals
  • Assure emergency response and improved 911 capability
  • Continue to build relationships between citizens and public safety


Transparent Government and Good Communication with our citizens is the key to building trust and earning your confidence.


Quality of Life


  • Begins with greater involvement with our citizens- you should determine the direction of our City
  • Focus on our established neighborhoods
  • Preserve our rural and agricultural heritage


Growth and Development


  • Balance new residential development with existing services and the ability to provide new schools and roads.
  • Improve our business to residential growth ratio
  • Review and revise the 2035 Comprehensive Plan